A Setback

What a set back.  I finally weighed this morning and I was up 1.4 lbs.  A few weeks ago I had started relaxing on how strict I was being towards my weight loss effort.  Relaxing lead to not paying attention which lead to stopping for a little bit and that lead to the 1.4 lb gain on the scale this morning; which sucks but I'm not surprised.

This week as you probably read was our 2nd anniversary and after reminiscing through the wedding/honeymoon album I had a renewed mindset to finish what I had started.  To fit back in those clothes I need to lose about 14 more lbs. Normally I would say no problem; but the holidays are coming and after all I have stayed diligent to losing 56.8 lbs. so far and I'm tired.   But I can do it and will do it.

Sometimes you just need to say stuff out loud!
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