Made it Monday!

I am so excited to show off my little creation this week because it is simple, quick, practical, and basically free!

I am slowly piling up the gifts for the family and looking for interesting and cheap ways to wrap them.  For my littlest niece I wanted a really big bow.  Really big bows are pricey so I thought I would make one.  From start to finish it took me 5 minutes and that was only because I had to figure out what I was going to do.

Here is the finished look!  Classy and poofy; just my style!

Any guesses on what it is made of?

Coffee Filters.  Yep.  See, I told you it was practically free!

First you fold it in half and then fold it in a circle shape.

Tape the bottom with a little scotch tape.
Once you get three made go ahead and tape the bottoms together.

This is a look at the bottom with all the "3's" taped together.

Turn it over and tape it on!  Nice and poofy!   I love it!  You could also use watered down craft paint and paint them first if you want colored bows.  I might try that later.

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