Made it Monday!

The Remington Man and I celebrated our anniversary at On the Border Restaurant this week and they gave us these coasters.  I have a thing for coasters so I quickly took my glass off to prevent any wet spots and thought up a fun project that I could do with them.  I decided they would make cute tags on Christmas presents.  And dear niece Sydney here is yours...

Supplies Needed:
(coaster, printed design, scissors, modge podge, hole punch, clear gloss spray)

The first thing I did was make a 4"x4" square design and print it out.

Then I traced around the coaster and carefully cut it out. Then I used modge podge to glue it onto the coaster.  I also made a plain one for the back.

Next I took my 1 1/4 inch hold punch and cut out a circle.  Be careful not to get too close to the edge.

After I cut out the circle I lightly sprayed it with a clear gloss spray to give it shine.

Attach with some ribbon and you have a fancy tag for your gifts this year.
If you want to use this design click here to download the front picture (it has an empty to and from for you to fill out) and here to download the back.
I also made up a snowflake theme gift tag that you can download and use...I just need another coaster to make mine!

The Front

The Back.  Enjoy!

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