The Celebration!!!

Hayride, Bonfire, Cousins, Cupcakes, Playhouse, S'mores, Friends, Glow Bracelets, and Cows!  This little birthday girl's day was made!

(Click on the picture to enlarge)
I decided to follow my own blog advise and make the Elmo & Cookie Monster Cupcakes; the only change I made was Elmo's nose.  I used a candy corn pumpkin instead of a jelly bean.  They were super easy to make!

The playhouse; we did it!  After all all the researching and dreaming; I can't believe we got it finished and it was the hit of the party!  I'll show you more of how we did it in a later post.  We have to disassemble it and move it to our house and put it back together so there will be a major post coming when that actually happens!
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