A Walk in the Woods

This weekend the Remington Man took his girlies to the woods.  It was Savvy's first time around a bonfire and in a sleeping bag she did really well.  We are a part of a hunting lease with several other families so Savvy had several little friends there her age to play with.

Before we left to come back to the city the Remington Man and I took a little walk in the woods.  Two hours by ourselves is the closest thing to a date we have been able to have lately.  We are so busy these days; I can't even imagine what life will be like once we have kids who play sports and such.

It was raining and we came back drenched but it was really fun!  For some reason there were tons of different kinds of mushrooms everywhere.

(click to see a larger picture)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am also listing this in Mosaic Mondays for others to see.
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