Made it Monday!

Made it Monday!  This week's project was so fun for me; it is something I've been wanting to do for awhile now.  Glass etching and it turned out great!  I found out recently about a company who sells personalized dishes so that you can know whose dish is whose when you go to a potluck.  I didn't need any new dishes but I could personalize the ones I do have.  I think this is a great way to keep track of your stuff.  When I had a baby last year lots of great friends brought us dinner and it was a little hard to
remember whose dish belonged to who; this would have solved everything!

First step is to print out your name.  (Choose a font with the least amount of curves if possible)

Tape the paper to the inside and cover the outside with clear contact paper.

With a sharp exacto knife trace the letters and peel off the letters.  (This is way harder than it looks; which is why I recommend you stay away from curvy letters! If they make letter punches and you have some that would be awesome; if not take your time and persevere!

Cover the exposed glass with Armour Etch and wait 5 minutes then rinse off.  (You can find Armour Etch at Hobby Lobby and you can reuse it)

Yeah!  My personalized dish!  My only thought now is that I need to make the food really good now that my name is literally on it!  You could reverse your name before you print it and then etch it to the bottom of the dish.

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