Made it Monday!

This week for Made it Mondays I am showing off the mobile that I made for the little one's nursery.  I got the idea from Pottery Barn they have a mobile that is cute and all white.  I wanted color and lots of it.  The mobile has become one of my favorite things.  When I pick her up from her crib she will "blow" towards the butterflies to make them move.  Her "blow" is more of a tongue, spit, blow, and squeal!  So so cute.  This reminds me that I need to video it sometime soon.

I started with a wooden template and traced out what seems like thousands of butterflies and cut them out.  Then glued them together.  If I was to do it over I would glue the sheets of scrapbook paper together first and then trace and cut out the butterfly shapes.

Then I took a nail and hammered the point in the top and bottom of each butterfly.  Then tied fishing line to connect several strands of butterflies.  I connected each of those strands to a circle shape I found.

Then I tied up a ribbon to an eye hole screw in the ceiling over her crib.  It turned out just as I imagined and she loves them!
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