Interesting Photography Blogs

In case you are into photography there are a few blogs out there that I have found lately that are worth looking at or at least they are highlighting photography in a creative way.  
365 Bites of Heaven is one of the many photo blogs that capture a picture a day.  She is a mom of four and pretty good with her camera.

If you are into photoshop or would like to be into photoshop you can check out The Pioneer Woman's blog of all kind of goodies.  (By the way she has one of the best overall blogs out there!)

Sky Watch Friday Contest; sometimes you just want to be a part of something bigger and you don't want it to take up a whole lot of your time.  Sky Watch is a blog where you submit a picture of your sky on Fridays and then look at the sky that day all over the world.  Fun!

Now go take a picture!
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