Home Away from Home

Fall is officially here and that means hunting season has opened.  That leaves us most weekends in the woods.  And when I mean in the woods I mean in the middle of nowhere woods.  We with several close friends and family lease several hundred acres of woods to feed our family (who's kidding who...it is to feed the Remington Man's addiction to the manly sport of hunting!).  But I love him and his manly ways so here I find myself and our little girlie in the woods.

We do not have electricity where we are so that creates a few challenges; but the guys have taken that challenge to make living out here as comfortable as possible.  We don't stay in tents we actually have a little village of cheap trailers that keep us out of the weather and a fancy outhouse with working toilet and shower.  We have to bring our own water to make it run but it is sooooo much better than holding on to a tree (if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, you don't want to).

The challenge I have given to myself this fall is to make our little "home" CuTe! My first challenge is to find curtains for a little bit of privacy.

The second is to put down some carpet squares so the little one can be on the floor.

I am looking for any suggestions you have to do it up cute and cheap; after all this is a hunting cabin.
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