Yummy kid friendly dessert! Marshmallow Pops!

I found this EASY dessert today on a blog called Hostess Blog.  Way cute idea!  It makes me wish that we could still home make Halloween candy.  These would be great to hand out.
I guess I can modify them for Savvy's first birthday party.  I'm not sure I can do the all pink thing since there will be little boys invited.  I might have to make them more fall themed since we are having a hay ride/bonfire out at the Ranch.

Stuff needed:
sticks, marshmallows, M&M's, Sprinkles, Candy Melts (found at Craft Stores)

In Order:
Step one: Push sticks into Marshmallows
Step two: Melt the Melts in the Microwave (watch it/don't burn it)
Step three: Dip, Sprinkle, and top with M&M
Step four: Pop in Mouth and Enjoy.
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