What's Better than a Playhouse?

For our little one's first birthday we are making her a playhouse.  Yes it is over the top.  No she can't stand yet.  But hopefully come spring she will be able to play with her cousins in her little house outside.   We have a few month still before her birthday so I thought I would start researching ideas.  Here we go...

Princess Playhouse by Instructables.

Click here to see the inside; A...mazing!

This is a little wacky...but still could be cute.  We don't have a meadow though...well not yet.

The details are what make this one so cute!

Talk about imagination gone wild!  Any kid would LOVE this...maybe not our neighbors though.

My only request of the finished product is to have a working doorbell.  The Remington Man thinks I have lost my mind.  For me I want our backyard to be cool since we will be in our house awhile.  I want out kids to stay here to play rather than head down the street.  It must be my protective Mama side coming out; but these days you never know what is actually going on next door or down the street.

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