Photoshop Tutorial

I had a dear friend ask me to fix up a picture she took of her son; so I thought I would include all those who are interested in how it was done.

The original straight out of the camera is a great picture that captures his cute expression and obvious innate love for the Dallas Cowboys. The "After" is what I did to tweak the photo a little and make the little man stand out from all that blue.

First I brightened the photo and increased the contrast a little.

Next I darkened the corners with the Burn Tool.

You can right click and lessen the hardness of your brush as well as
change the brush size.

Then I wanted to clean up his little face some.  He had little scratches
as all babies do on his little cheeks.  For this the easiest thing to do is
use the Patch tool.
You just circle the spot and move it over a little bit.
Voila!  What do you think? 
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