Made it Mondays

Time to show off something that you have MADE!
This week I am showing off an old lamp that I had laying around.  The base was originally this awful color of green and it had a plain jane shade.  I decide it would work well in my daughter's room so I dressed it up  a bit.  With some help from a hot glue gun I added some sparkle to the shade.

Then sprayed the base a lovely shade of pink.

Much better.

What have you been up to? 

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2. You must have a link back to Made it Mondays on your post somewhere so people can continue viewing everybody's creations.  You may also include the Made it Mondays logo (optional)
3.  Follow rule 1 and 2 or your link will be deleted.  You can always try again if you notice your link is missing from the party.

Let's get this PARTY started...

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