Grandparents Day is Coming...Get Kids Crafting!

Today my little girl (10 months) and I made her Grandparent's Day Cards; it was really fun actvitiy for the two of us to do together.  It also gave her a textile project for the day.  I'm not posting her artwork so I don't ruin the surprise for any grandparents that may be lurking on this blog; but I am going to give a few ideas to get you started on making your own too.
Granddad's would love this picture frame!  
Check out the How to Here.

A special Eye Glasses Case designed with love.  
Check out the How to Here.

Make a special card.  This one uses coffee filters for the blooms.  
Check out the How to here.
Have fun and be creative!  I would love to see what you came up to celebrate the grandparents in your lives.  
Like what you saw?  Have a suggestion?  Let me know.  I love comments!
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