Yeah! Another 1.8 lbs. down.

Diets suck.  Sorry to be harsh.  But mother in law made homemade burritos last night that were supposedly fabulous with nachos on the side.  Did you notice I used the word supposedly?  That is because I did not partake instead I brought a 290 cal.  frozen meal that I ate on a small salad plate.  Since I can eat that in 4 bites I am thankful that I can distract myself by feeding my little one her food which is not so appetizing!  Today I was rewarded though when I stepped on the scale another 1.8 lbs. down.  I can keep going another week.  I am officially 1 pound away from what at one point in my life would have been horrifing the 160's.
  My goal is to get my wedding ring off; and to all those who are alarmed...BREATHE! I just need to desperately have it cleaned and re-polished.  It was tight when I got pregnant and I'm not sure at what point it wouldn't come off; but I can say it hasn't been off my finger since June of 2008.  Every week I hope that it will be the week; but this week is not it.

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