Yeah! 2.4 down

I am currently in a battle of lose the majority of this "baby" weight before her first birthday. I feel really bad to call it "baby" weight; since it is not her fault I gained 70 lbs. It was a combination of the first year of marriage, the first baby, living in the moment, and being anemic (which makes you sluggish). My solution was M&M's and a lot of them!
The worst thing about weight is that you can gain it in secret until it's a big deal; but losing it has to be a public thing admitting you got a problem and that you are currently dealing with it. Last night we went to dinner with my in-laws everyone else had fried fish, french fries, hush puppies, and fixin's. Me 12 cold shrimp with cocktail sauce. The dress it up fancy and call it a cocktail...but it still leaves you hungry. I guess you are supposed to be hungry if you are losing weight; if you were full the scale wouldn't move. Thanks to the 12 shrimp that made my scale move!
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