Hooked on Fishing

So we officially are the couple you have never heard of...the couple that will actually choose to go fishing for date night! Yes we left the kid with the grandparents, got the boat, and went to a nearby channel. Sometimes I don't recognize myself. The inspiration of course came from the Remington Man. Hunting is not a big summer time sport so fishing takes it's place. I was game to go along since I am avoiding restraunts and ice cream palors with my last ditch effort to lose the baby weight before she turns "1". By the way this little fishy got back to swimming quickly after this photo was taken. There are certain rules for which fish you can keep.

Today I found a page that I had torn out of the Parents Magazine that encouraged young people to fish as a basically free activity (after you buy the Barbie pole at Walmart). Go to http://takemefishing.org for a list of places to drop a line in your local area. Very cool!

P.S. Buy some worms at Walmart while you are there...they work so much better in ponds. Kids want to catch fish fast not learn the lesson of patience waiting for the bite.

Have fun...then have a fish fry!
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