A Bib for a Messy Eater

I need new bibs for Savvy so I made one.  It was relatively easy the hardest part involved tweezers.
First I found some fabric that was wipeable (a placemat) and traced it and cut it out.
I faced the two "right sides" towards each other and pinned in place.
Sew around the outside edge but leave a little space to flip it right side out.
Here is where the tweezers come into play.  I found it was hard to turn the "strap" so the tweezers came in handy.
Pin and sew shut the opening.

I added snaps; you can find them at Hobby Lobby and follow the instructions on the package.  Savvy is at the point she pulls on her bibs and can easily undo the velcro.
Put it on and let her/him go to town.  This is an easy craft (15 minutes).
Inspiration came from Here.  Her placemat was cuter but ours came from the Dollar Tree.

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