Baby Food Jars

What to do with all of these jars?  It seems like a really big waste to through them out or even recycle.  There are many little crafts that you could do...everything from make a pin cushion
A quick search of baby food jar uses will bring up a multitude of possibilities.  I think I will use mine for storage.  One suggestion was for storing seed; you just add a label with a picture and you are ready to go next year.  If you baby is just getting ready to start eating out of the jars you have some choices out there and not all baby food containers are created equal.
Gerber comes in a 3.5oz. plastic tub which does not reseal that well and I would never use it for anything again. 
Parents Choice is in a plastic 4 oz tub and reseals very well; I plan on using these for condiments for my husband's lunches. 
  And the last choice is Nature's Goodness which comes in a 4 oz glass jar and is what you picture when you think of a baby food jar.  Since you will buy hundreds of these over the next few months think about how you will reuse them when you make your choice.  If you don't want to do anything with them you could probably sell bundles of them on Craigslist for a few extra bucks for those who want to craft.
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