Easy Centerpiece Tutorial

For awhile now I have been thinking about what I am going make for the centerpiece on the tea table I am hosted at my church.  This is what I came up with and I think it turned out beautiful.  It was very easy to make.

Start with a large glass bowl and a small clear cup.  Place the cup in the center of the bowl.
Add fruit, nuts, leaves,  or anything in repetition that you enjoy.  For mine I used Persimmon's of course.
Our persimmons aren't ripe yet but they are starting to change color and I think they are interesting to look at.
Once the bowl was full I "frosted" the persimmons with some crabapples.
  Next I stuck a floral arrangement in the cup.  You could easily use fresh flowers too.  
I think the table turned out great.  Very elegant.  
And the best part I used the things I had, borrowed a few things from parents and I didn't spend a dime!

Baby Can Color!

I found this activity today that I decided right away would be a fun thing for Savvy to do when she woke from her nap.  Coloring with a can.  The instructions came from The Modern Toddler; they have a lot of great ideas.
  First you take a long can.  
We had several formula cans that I can't bare to part with; I just new I would find a great use for them one day.  
Then you tape a piece of paper inside.  

Drop in a few crayons, put on the lid, and shake away.
Or Roll in our case.
When they are done a beautiful masterpiece has been made.  Very fun!
Bonus:  She learned to roll something and share :) 

Fun and cheap stamping technique

I found this great blog tutorial today that uses everyday objects to create stamps.  I think I am going to give it a try especially since the holidays are coming.  I think with this technique you could make stamps for letters and tags for gifts.  I am looking forward to it.

The tutorial is from Obsessively Stitching but does not require sewing.  She uses these items, an eraser, cuticle remover, pencil and paper, and a stamp pad or marker.

Then I found a great list of 50 different ways that you can use stamps from Lucy.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1.  Make a personalized stamp with “handmade by ____” to mark all your creations 
2. Stamp on fabric – aprons, dishtowels, tote bags, swatches for scrapbook pages, etc  use fabric markers
3.Stamp the sides of a post-it note cube for a cute gift.
4.  With Halloween coming soon: Get non-toxic ink and stamp on yourself – makes a cool temporary tattoo! (kids love this one too).

Below are some images of handmade stamps.  Really cool!

Yellowstone 2009: Summer of Animals

What a great opportunity my family had this summer to vacation in the oldest National Park we have here in the United States.  Yellowstone.  My husband's parents took all of us on the adventure.  Despite the 2 day car trip there and back with 6 adults, 2 kids, and 2 infants (6 mo and 3 mo.)  It was fun to be together and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Well the infants may need to go again...car seats don't allow you to see out the window very well.

Here are the animals we saw that week:

Elk.  If you notice they are still in velvet.  They get new antlers every year and shed them the next spring.  Come fall they will rub their antlers on the trees to get the velvet off.
Photography insight:  With wild animals you get what you get and don't throw a fit!  The sunlight was behind this elk it would have been better if it was shining on his face.  However the silhouette effect does show off the antlers.

Across a canyon we saw Big Horned Sheep.  This was a little buck.
Every day when we came into the park we drove past this Mama Bald Eagle on her nest.
The Remington Man's favorite waterfowl; a wigeon drake (a.k.a. blue male duck)
Pronged Horn Antelope, we saw hundreds on our drive across Colorado but only a few actually in the park.
Moose.  My favorite.  This one we spent half a day hunting down!  I couldn't leave without seeing a moose.  Funny I thought he would have a full white rack; but he was still growing his out and it was also in velvet.  

Bison are everywhere in Yellowstone.  In Oklahoma we call them Buffalo.  In Yellowstone they are like a heard of cattle grazing throughout the day.
A baby bison/buffalo.  To me he looks nothing like his parents.
A Coyote.
We also saw a wolf and a Grizzly Bear but the spot in the distance was nothing to write home about.

Around the house fun!

Sometimes I just need a little prompting for games to entertain my little one.  My sister and I were talking today about planning a few activities everyday so I researched a few.  Hopefully this will help your "planning" too.

You can find the whole list here

These are the ones that intrigued me the most:
1.  Bowling with plastic bottles.  Line a few 2 liter pop bottles on the floor and let them practice rolling a ball. Click on this link for how Eli's Lids decorated her bottles.  Way cute!

2.  Make a Nest: Here's a cosy activity for toddlers. Grab a load of bedding, and take it into your living room. Pop it all down in a corner or down by the sofa. Let your toddler crawl about under the bedclothes and roll around - and don't forget to add a few soft toys or a favorite book. This can be quite boisterous, if your tot decides to leap around and then dive into their nest! But it can also be quite nice and calming for them.

3.  Grab a box and go around the house and collect a random collection of things that are safe for your child and that you don't mind her/him playing with; set it next to your child and let them have at it!

4.  Set up an obstacle course and crawl through it.  A couple of dinning chairs and a blanket will get you started.

Have Fun! Make Memories!

End of Summer

We have gotten so much rain recently that all of our flowers are still in bloom.  It has been wonderful to enjoy.  Last year the hail got to everything early in spring and things never really recovered.  Thursday evening we had a nice gentle rain and left everything beautiful as dusk was upon us.  This was my view:
With blooms like these it is hard to say goodbye to summer; but as the temperatures are starting to cool I am ready for fall too.  How is your garden fairing this summer?

Kiddie Pool Garden

As the end of summer approaches many of you may have kiddie pools laying around.  One great idea is to turn that pool into a garden for the upcoming year.  I first heard about this idea from a friend whose husband is serving in the Middle East and she and her three kiddos went too.  Her grocery shopping stories are fascinating; but because of some of the issues she started her own little garden on her concrete patio.  She found a kiddie pool and filled it with dirt.  What a great idea!

Here are some other people who have done the same:
From Jamie's Notebook
From Blissfully Domestic

A Bib for a Messy Eater

I need new bibs for Savvy so I made one.  It was relatively easy the hardest part involved tweezers.
First I found some fabric that was wipeable (a placemat) and traced it and cut it out.
I faced the two "right sides" towards each other and pinned in place.
Sew around the outside edge but leave a little space to flip it right side out.
Here is where the tweezers come into play.  I found it was hard to turn the "strap" so the tweezers came in handy.
Pin and sew shut the opening.

I added snaps; you can find them at Hobby Lobby and follow the instructions on the package.  Savvy is at the point she pulls on her bibs and can easily undo the velcro.
Put it on and let her/him go to town.  This is an easy craft (15 minutes).
Inspiration came from Here.  Her placemat was cuter but ours came from the Dollar Tree.

Yeah! Another 1.8 lbs. down.

Diets suck.  Sorry to be harsh.  But really...my mother in law made homemade burritos last night that were supposedly fabulous with nachos on the side.  Did you notice I used the word supposedly?  That is because I did not partake instead I brought a 290 cal.  frozen meal that I ate on a small salad plate.  Since I can eat that in 4 bites I am thankful that I can distract myself by feeding my little one her food which is not so appetizing!  Today I was rewarded though when I stepped on the scale another 1.8 lbs. down.  I can keep going another week.  I am officially 1 pound away from what at one point in my life would have been horrifing the 160's.
  My goal is to get my wedding ring off; and to all those who are alarmed...BREATHE! I just need to desperately have it cleaned and re-polished.  It was tight when I got pregnant and I'm not sure at what point it wouldn't come off; but I can say it hasn't been off my finger since June of 2008.  Every week I hope that it will be the week; but this week is not it.

For last week's weigh-in rant click here.

Purple flower bow tutorial

Yesterday I bought a fly swatter that had a purple flower attached from the Dollar Tree for our house and today I made a purple flower bow for my 9 month old daughter.  I'm not that into decorating our fly swatters and I know the Remington Man would never use it with a flower attached so I reinvented it into a bow.  I thought it might be a little big for her little head but I kinda like it.  Here is how you can do it too.

1. First remove the flower from the fly swatter.  It is just hot glued on so it comes off easily.  Discard the inner parts of the flower and keep the petals.

2.  Sew on a button.  I just happened to have a purple one laying around.
2.  Sew on a button.  I just happened to have a purple one laying around.

3.  Hot glue onto a clip.

4.  Cool.

5.  Put in your kid's hair and tell them they are beautiful!  You are done!
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